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The Poland-Israel Centre for Citizenship Education Poland-Israel

Religion Warsaw Jewish Gmina

VIII The 8th Festival of Jewish Cculture

"Zachor - Color and Sound"

Honorary patronage:

Governor of the Podlaskie ProvinceWojewoda Podlaski, Podlaskie Voivodship Marshal, Mayor of the City of Białystok, the Embassy of Israel in Poland



Saturday, 13.06. 2015

11.00 a.m. Urban game for school students: "The memory of the Jewish from

Bialystok Bialystok Jews”

6:00 p.m. ‘Show „The Pentateuch by Isaac’ "- a show by the Bialystok Puppet Theatre

8:00 p.m. Havdala- Bialystok Puppet Theatre


Sunday 14.06.2015.

15.00-22.00 Outdoor events in front of the Town Hall


· "Secret Garden"-Anashim (Poland)


· Electric Desert (Israel)

· "Beryozkele"-Ola Bilińska, Michal Moniuszko, Casper Szroeder (Poland)


· kosher Jewish cuisine (tasting)- Margaret Blicharz

· Jewish dance and Israeli& Israeli dance -Monika Leszczyńska


Art competition for children (symbols, Jewish tradition)

8.30 pm Organ concert in the Cathedral of Białystok (Parish Church)-Mateo Imbruno

(Netherlands) and Mark Kulikowski (Poland)

Monday 15.06.2015

11.45 a.m. Opening Exhibition of Patrick Pufelski Patrick "The Old Testament Heroines Drawn" (in front of the before a Faculty of Philology, UwBUniversity of Bialystok -

University square 1, I l)

12.00 Israeli Music – band Electric Desert youth academic band (Faculty of Philology UwB)

1.00 p.m.-5.00p.m. Conference "Polish Eastern Jews. Jewish Scholars – Faculty of Philology


5.30 p.m. Panel discussion dedicated to Pinchasthe Pinchasowi Adlerowi (Slendzińskiich

Gallery-ul. 1 Legionowa St.1)

7.00 p.m. Concert "Mojshele, majn frajnd"- in the hall at tHall of the Branicki Palace

* Counter Zeew Shulman-baritone (Latvia)

* Gidons Grinbergs – violin

* Yury Kasper – piano


Kolno-Hotel Colnus

7.00 p.m. Concert "The Secret Garden"-Anashim (Poland)

Tuesday 16.06.2015

9.00-5.00 p.m. Conference "Polish Eastern Jews. Jewish Scholars” – Faculty of Philology UwB 5.00 p.m. Gallery. SlendzińskichSlendzinski Galler ( ul. Legionowa 11 Legionowa St.)":

· A history of the town of Brzostek - one return"- Simon Target Film

7.00 p.m. Gala Concert -The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic (ul. Podleśna St.)

· Białystok Technical University Choir under the dir. Prof. Wioletty Miłkowskiej and

school choirs (within the framework of the project "Rozśpiewany Białystok")


· "Zajn Zol. Let it happen "-Beata Czernecka (star of the Cracow Piwnica pod Baranami cabaret) with Tomasz Kmiecik (piano), Michael Półtoraka (violin) and Paul Kuźmicz (bass)











































We are sending you blessings for the New Year.
May it be filled with love, well-being, and  joy, for you and all your families and friends 
May this coming year be filled with social justice, environmental sanity, and a new spirit of generosity. 
Shana Tova
 If anyone of us had offended you in any way this past year, we ask you now to forgive us.
Rosh Hashana is the beginning--not only of this New Year, but of all years previous.
How could that be? Because on that day you are empowered to reach back into time and adjust the meaning of all that has past.
True, He is the Author. But He has assigned us as editors. We adapt
the storyline, transform the plot. By transforming who we are today,
we rewrite our own past and author a whole new world. - Rebbe Tzvi Freeman
When you forgive, you in no way change the past - but you sure do change the future - Bernard Meltzer 



Organizers:     Poland - Israel Civil Education Centre

                        Jewish Community of Warsaw


VII Jewish Culture Festival

"Zachor - Colour and Sound"

Białystok, 13-15 May 2014





13.06.2014 - Friday

12.45 - Opening of the exhibition "Jewish children illustration" (University of Bialystok, Faculty of Philology - Plac Uniwersytecki 1, 1st floor, next to the assembly hall)
13.00-16.45 - III International Scientific Conference "Jews of the Eastern Poland. Jewish Woman"  (University of Bialystok, Faculty of Philology - Plac Uniwersytecki 1, room 47)
17.00 - Panel devoted to the memory of Chasia Bornstein-Bielicka (Telimena Gallery
- Legionowa 2)


19.00 - Music concert (Branicki Palace Assembly Hall)
              Urjane Kenżikajewa (Simferopol - Crimea)


14.06.2014 - Saturday

9.00-17.30 - III International Scientific Conference "Jews of the Eastern Poland. Jewish Woman (University of Bialystok, Faculty of Philology - PlacUniwersytecki 1, room 47)
11.00 - Retracing the footsteps of Bialystok Jews - tour guided by
JolantaSzczygieł-Rogowska. Starting point: Botaniczna Street (next to the ambulance service station)
12.30 - Screening of Israeli film (Ślendzinski Gallery - Waryńskiego 24a)
18.30 - Opening of the exhibition of Zuzanna Szarek's photography - "Tel-Aviv"
            (Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic foyer - Odeska 2)
19.00 - Yaron Gershovsky's concert (Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic
Small Stage - Odeska 2)
            YaronGershovsky (USA) - piano
            Adam Czerwiński (Poland) - percussion
            Tomasz Kupiec (Poland) - bass guitar


15.06.2014 -Sunday

11.00 -Musical workshops for children - YaronGershowsky (USA)
  • Jewish cuisine (Małgorzata Blicharz)
  • Jewish dances (Monika Leszczyńska)
  • Art contest for children (shtetl, synagogue, symbols of Judaism)
  • Grajewo Municipal Choir (conductor - Ewelina Kamińska)
  • Cabaret from the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw
  • Igor Milstein and Nächama-2 Band (Germany)
  • Tsigunz Fanfara Avantura (Poland)
  • Shachar Gilad with rock band (Israel)
19.00 GRAJEWO - Municipal Culture Centre
  • Cabaret from the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw

Admission to all events and concerts is free.

For more information visit: www.bialystok.jewish.org.pl - Poland - Israel Civil Education Centre


Honorary Patronage:

  • Voivode, Governor of Podlaskie
  • Podlaskie Province Marshal
  • City Mayor of Białystok
  • Israel Embassy in Poland

    The festival was organized with the funds granted by:

  • Ministry of Administration and Digitization
  • Białystok Citi Hall
  • Marshal's Office of Podlaskie Province
  • Taube Foundation

    Chasia Bornstein - Bielicka

    Main protagonist of the festival and conference

    CHASIA BORNSTEIN - BIELICKA (1921-2012) - born in Grodno in a traditional Jewish family. For her entire life she was related to the Haszomer-Hacair. During the WW II she was a member of the resistance in Grodno and Białystok ghettos. In January 1943 she document forging laboratory from Grodno to Białystok. She hid it on the Aryan side, working as a maid in the house of a gestapo officer Luterchand. She was a messenger for Haszomer Hacair under the assumed name Halina Stasiuk. She was in constant contact with partisans, smuggled ammunition, medicine, food. After the WW II has ended, she was the co-founder of a house for Jewish orphans in Łódź. Later she transported the children under her care through Germany, France and Cyprus to Palestine. She lived with her husband in a kibbutz near the Israeli-Syrian border.


    YARON GERSHOVSKY - an outstanding and very talented musician - performer, composer, arranger, producer. Because of his mother - who was born in Białystok and actively participates in the life of Białystok Jews in Israel - he feels emotionally linked to Białystok. He heard a lot of good things about the town in his childhood and had always wanted to visit it. His career began in Israel, where he cooperated with the most prominent artists and musicians. In 1976 he graduated with honours from the prestigious jazz school Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA) and moved to New York. He worked, among other places, at Broadway, Carnegie Hall and in TV productions. He performed and recorded with recognized musicians (such as Richie Havens, Pharaoh Sanders, Shlomo Carlebach, Mordechai Ben-David, Debbie Friedman, Wayne Shorter, Stan Getz, Janis Siegel, Count Basie Orchestra). For more than 30 years he has been the musical director and pianist of the Manhattan Transfer vocal band. Apart from jazz, an important part of his life is the Jewish music (A Nigun is Forever, Non Stop Chabad, Yaron Gershovsky albums). He recorded numerous albums, the latest being his two solo records: Personal Notes - 2006; State of Mind - 2011. www.yaronmusic.com


    ADAM CZERWIŃSKI - an outstanding jazz percussionist. He worked with many musicians, both from Poland (Janusz Muniak, Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Zbigniew namysłowski) and from abroad (Lee Konitz, Eddie Henderson, Larry Koontz, Harvie Swartz, Cameron Brown, Jean Poul Bourelli, Bennie Wallace, James Newton, Nigel Kennedy). He performed in the majority of European countries, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and such exotic places as Liban, Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait and Albania. He recorded numerous albums. www.adamczerwinski.com               


    TOMASZ KUPIEC - double bass and bass guitar player, arranger and music producer. He performed not only with jazz stars (Zbigniew Namysłowski, Harry Sokalem, Scott Hammilton, Karen Edwards) but also with prominent personas of classical music (Vadim Brodsky, Nigel Kennedy). Since 2001 he has been cooperating with brilliant guitarist Jarosław Śmietana. He records and performs in Europe, North America and Japan. He published many albums. http://www.jazz.krakow.pl/szkola/index.html?s=depart_bass


    SHACHAR GILAD - a widely talented singer and composer, whose trademark is the pop-rock sound. His style can be compared to the music of Coldplay, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie and the legendary U2. Over the past three years, Shachar and his Tel-Aviv band appeared in Central Europe four times (2011 - Białystok). They performed in New York, Boston, Tel-Aviv, Warsaw and Berlin. The artist sings and plays his guitar accompanied by the bassist Orri Dror and drummer Johnny Kay. www.shachar.com | www.facebook.com/ShacharGiladMusic


    URJANE KENŻIKAJEVA - a distinguished artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Ukraine. She graduated from the piano class of the Tashkent Music Academy. Currently she is a lecturer of music at the University of Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. She is a songwriter, composer and singer of songs in Tartar, Russian, Ukrainian, French and Polish languages. She recorded numerous albums and performed both in her home country and abroad. She plays the piano pieces during her concerts.


    IGOR MILSTEIN AND NACHMA-2 - the band came into existence in 2000 in Furth (Germany) on the initiative of a Moldavian immigrant Igor Milstein. They perform klezmer music based on the traditions of the Eastern European Jews. Igor Milstein sings in Yiddish, Hebrew, German and Romanian. The band performed all over Germany (including Munich during the 2006 World Cup or Berlin Philharmonic in 2009). They have also performed in Poland in the past.

    TSIGUNZ FANFARA AVANTURA - Polish musicians coming from the circles of improvised, alternative and jazz music. They arefascinated by the Balkan music, which they try to transfer into Polish soil, enriching it with elements of jazz and Slavic melodies. Their concerts are very spectacular and "rowdy". They have a rare gift of creating a real bond with the audience. Their every performance is vastly different from traditional ethno or folk music concerts.

    www.tsigunz.pl | www.facebook.com/fanfaraavantura

    CABARET FROM THE JEWISH THEATRE - the "Moniek Przepiórko and others" programme consists of famous monologues, sketches and songs from the pre-war Jewish cabaret performed in Polish. The authors of the texts are Julian Tuwim, Marian Hemar, Jerzy Turandot and B. Norski-Nożyca, and the music was composed by W. Wars, J. Petersburski and Z. Białostocki. The show includes also famous Jewish songs in Yiddish, Polish and Hebrew. Performers include: Ewa Dąbrowska, Marek Węglarski, Henryk Rajfer and Teresa Wrońska as the musician and master of the ceremony.


    GRAJEWO MUNICIPAL CHOIR - the choir was created in 2013. Its members come from various generations, professions and walks of life. The choir's mission is the popularization of choir music, inter-generational integration, drawing pleasure form signing and sharing this pleasure with audience. The choir has a very wide repertoire: Polish folk songs, Russian and Jewish songs and Christmas carols. Conductor: Ewelina Kamińska.


    MONIKA LESZCZYŃSKA - since 1998 she has been giving regular classes in Jewish dances in Warsaw; she has created the choreography for the Snunit" company on numerous occasions (including the Jewish and Israeli Days, Singer Festival in Warsaw, Three Cultures Festival in Włodawa). She organized many Jewish  dances workshops (Contemporary Dance Workshops in Wrocław, Four Cultures Festival in Łódź, International Orff Course, International Meeting with Jewish Culture in Sopot). 



    Rosh Hashanah 5774

    We wish you a happy New Year, good health, prosperity, fulfillment of all your endeavours, a year of peace.

    Leszana Tova tikatewu wetehatemu.

    Shana Tova Umetuka.


    J E D W A B N E

    B I A Ł Y S T O K

    VI Jewish Culture Festiwal Zachor in Bialystok

    The 6th edition of the 'Zachor - Colour and Sound' Jewish Cultural Festival

    The Poland-Israel Centre for Citizenship Education and the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw invite you to the 6th edition of the Jewish cultural festival. The Zachor festival, which will take place from June 15th - 18th  in Białystok, offers numerous attractions, such as concerts, meetings, workshops and Jewish food.

    15.06.2013  - Saturday (Sleńdzińscy Gallery, 24a Waryńskiego St.)
    12.00 - The history of places - Cytron Synagogue  (Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska will speak)
    19.00 - 'A postcard from the Yiddishland' concert - Karolina Cicha, Piotr Domagalski
    20.30 - Havdalah (the end of the Sabbath) - run by Lucy Lisowska

    16.06.2013 - Sunday
    15.00 - 22.00 - City hall square
    Workshops: Jewish cuisine (by Małgorzata Blicharz), Jewish & Israeli dances (by Ash Haim dancing team)
    art competition for children (shtetl, synagogue, Jewish symbols)
    Concerts: Rzeszów Klezmer Band (Poland), Anavim (Minsk - Belarus), Ash Haim dancing team (Minsk-Belarus), Yale Strom & Peter Stan (USA)

    17.06.2013 - Monday
    9.00- 16.30 - 2nd  scholarly conference  'Jewish culture eastern Poland. Culture - traditional - writings"  (Książnica Podlaska im. Ł. Górnickiego, 16 Kilińskiego St.)
    11.00 - The opening of the exhibition entitled "Israel - yesterday and today" - Department of Philology of the University of Białystok (University square, 1st floor)
    12.00 - Music workshop for the youth (Esperanto Cafe) - Yale Strom & Peter Stan
    17.30 - A panel discussion in memory of Dora Kacnelson (Historical Museum, 37 Warszawska St.)
    19.00 - Concerts  (Branicki Palace) - Mikhail Jacob Dvilianski with the Szalom band (Lida -Belarus), Samech band (Poland)

    18.06.2013 - Tuesday
    9.00-17.30 - 2nd  scholary conference  'Jewish culture from eastern Poland. Culture - traditional- writings"  (Książnica Podlaska im. Ł. Górnickiego, 16 Kilińskiego St.) (a conference room at  Kawelin restaurant - 10 Legionowa St.)
    17.00 - 'Turn Left at the End of the World' (Israel) - film screening with Polish subtitles (Telimena Gallery - 2 Legionowa St.)
    19.00 - Concerts (Forum Cinema, 5 Legionowa St.) - Yale Strom & Peter Stan (USA), Kabaret Derkacz (Poland)

    The event enjoys the honorary patronage of the Governor of the Podlaskie Province, the Marshall of the Podlaskie Province, Mayor of Białystok and the Israeli Embassy in Poland. The entrance to all events and concerts is free!



    We want to wish you a Shana Tova U'Metuka and Gmar Chatima Tova.

    A sweet, healthy, peaceful, joyful and successful New Year 5573



    Happy New Year 5773!
    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku 5773!
    Bonne Année 5773!
    с Новым годом 5773!




    Wschodnia, fot. D.Stankiewicz 2012


















    Zachor – Color and Sound’ Jewish Cultural Festival

    June 15th marks the opening of the fifth edition of the ‘Zachor – Color and Sound’ Jewish Cultural Festival in Białystok. Below you will find a detailed program of the festival.

    The program of the festival is as follows:

    Friday, June 15th, 2012

    7 pm – the opening concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

    David Krakauer (USA) Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera Orchestra

    L. Bernstein – ‘Candide’ operette overture operetta

    W. Marhulets – ‘Klezmer Clarinet Concerto’

    L. Bernstein – "Chichester Psalms” Saturday,

    June 16th, 2012

    7 pm – a concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

    Acoustic Acrobats (Krakow) Klezmer

    Orchestra of the Sejny Theater (Sejny)

    Sunday – June 17th, 2012

    3.00 pm – Jewish Białystok (a walking tour)

    Guide: Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska Start – Suraska St., at the monument of the Great Synagogue

    4:00 pm – at the city hall square

    Jewish cuisine workshops – a presentation and a degustation

    Run by Małgorzata Blicharz

    Jewish and Israeli dance workshops Run by Monika Leszczyńska

    Plastic arts competition for children: ‘The synagogue and Jewish symbols’

    7.00 pm a concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

    Ostatnie Takie Trio (Warsaw)

    A. Tansman Quartet (Białystok)

    8.30 pm Śledziński Gallery (Waryńskiego Street)

    A screening of the Israeli movie ‘Turn left at the end of the world’ (a comedy with Polish subtitles)

    Orla – Sunday, June 17, 2012

    12.00 noon – a coach to Orla departs in front of the Białystok Cultural Center (Legionowa Street)

    2.00 pm – a concert in front of the synagogue

    Pozytyv & Podlachian Folk Orchestra (support)

    Acoustic Acrobats (Krakow)

    Monday – June 18th, 2012

    3.00 pm Department of Law at the Białystok University (Mickiewicza St)

    The inauguration of the ‘Nasi Izraelczycy’ exhibition (Our Israelis)

    6.00 pm – ‘Wedel’ chocolate drinking house, 17 Kościuszki Square

    A discussion panel: „Żydzi wschodniej Polski”. Przeszłość, współczesność, perspektywy badań. (Eng. Eastern Polish Jews. The past, the presence, reaserch perspectives)

    The following lectures will be held:

    Ryszard Löw (Tel Aviv – Israel), On Józef Chazanowicz, a physician from Białystok

    Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska (Śledziński Gallery), „Po tak wielu pozostało tak niewiele”. Judaika w zbiorach białostockich instytucji kultury (So many left so few traces. Judaica in collections of Białystok cultural institutions)

    7:30 pm a rock concert – Fama cafe ( Legionowa St. – BOK)

    Dolly`s Circus (Israel)

    8.00 pm A concert of Sephardic songs – Galeria im. Sleńdzińskich – Galeria Telimena (2 Legionowa St)

    Gerard Edery (USA) and Małgorzata Pańko (Polad)

    Tuesday – June 19, 2012

    9.00 – 18.00 – Książnica Podlaska im. Łukasza Górnickiego In the library, first floor (16 J. Kilińskiego St)

    The First International Conference ‘Jews from Eastern Poland. Culture – Tradition – Literature’

    7.00 pm a gala concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

    Gerard Edery (USA) – mini recital Grupa Rafała Kmity(Poland) and their reportoire Aj waj! czyli historie z cynamonem

    David Krakauer (USA)

    An American clarinetist, who plays mainly Klezmer music. He became famous in the late 1908s, when he became a member of the The Klezmatics music band. Before, Krakauer he had worked as a clarinetist in the orchestra and experimented with modern music. Klezmer Madness!, David Krakauer’s band, blends traditional Klezmer music with modern music genres. The musician has also cooperated with Kronos Quartet.

    David Krakauer’s activity is a rare blend of artistry and uniqueness. The artist has cooperated with many worldwide music bands and orchestras. He starts at the most prestigious international festivals.


    David Krakauer (USA)



    Acoustic Acrobats (Kraków)

    April 2010 is the date when the Acoustic Acrobats Band was born. It was at that time, when facing the need to introduce changes in our former band and wishing to open up to the ethno music from different parts of the world, some of the co-operating musicians decided to start afresh. After a few months of formation of the artistic shape of the new band, at the beginning of 2011 the independent group, Acoustic Acrobats, has been launched. The years 2008-2010 were extremely busy but also enchanting for us. In 36 months, still partly as the Max Klezmer Band and the Max Klezmer Band Acoustic Acrobats, we played nearly 200 concerts in Poland, in nine European countries, as well as in Jamaica and Africa.

    Their music marries ethno and jazz music but you can also capture sounds characteristic of Klezmer and Balkan music.


    Acoustic Acrobats (Kraków)



    Orkiestra Klezmerska Teatru Sejneńskiego (Sejny) Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater

    The orchestra is formed by young people aligned to The Centre “Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations” in Sejny. It was founded a few years ago, when the theatrical adaptation of Szymon An-ski’s play ‘Dybbuk’ was being arranged. Since then, young people from Sejny, on the Polish-Lithuanian borderland, have been fascinated by Klezmer music. Thanks to the Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow, where the Sejny orchestra performed a few times, young musicians made close acquaintances with famous US Klezmer musicians, such as David Krakauer, Michael Alpert, Deborą Strauss, Jeff Warschauer, Stuart Brotman, Frank London and Paul Brody.


    Orkiestra Klezmerska Teatru Sejneńskiego (Sejny) Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater



    Ostatnie Takie Trio (Warsaw)

    The band dates back to the mid-1980s, when it was set up in Wrocław. Gustaw Szepke, a composer, guitar player and a singer is the only original member of the band. The Trio was active up until the early 1990s, and afterwards they performed only occasionally. The band was reactivated in 2011, when it gave a supporting concert of Matisjahu in the Nożyk Synagogue in Warsaw. The band plays mainly Psalms (Tehilim) in their own interpretations, mixing various styles and music genres.

    The music band’s members: Gustaw Szepke (guitar, singer), Andrzej Jaskuła (bass guitar), Andrzej Waśniewski (keyboard), Piotr Kowalik (drums).

    Aleksander Tansman Quartet (Białystok)

    The quartet was set up in 2008 as a chamber music band in the Podlaskie Opera and Philharmonic – the European Arts Center in Białystok. The artists promote top quality chamber music, especially compositions by a Polish composer Aleksaner Tansman. The band is formed by Rafał Dudzik (first violin), Ewa Gromska (second violin), Jakub Grabe-Zaremba (viola), Szymon Stępka (cello).


    Aleksander Tansman Quartet (Białystok)





    Dolly’s Circus (Israel)


    This rock punk music band was born in the dark rooms of Tel Aviv pubs. Unique music played by Dolly’s Circus makes the spirit of authentic rock n’roll alive, overshadowing its banal tunes. The rock show of the band, called ‘Tzwika, go to prison’, a punk concert covering children’s songs by Dudu Zar as well as their album called “Mirror Mirror’, released by NMC, made Dolly’s Circus one of the leading alternative music bands throughout Israel. The team is in the midst of recording their second album.


    Dolly’s Circus (Israel)


    Gerard Edery (USA)

    Gerard Edery is a musician (singer, guitar and sax player) and a composer. Recognized as a leading musical folklorist , he is a master of Sephardic songs. His rich repertoire includes a great number of ethnic and folk songs, in which he combines traditional musical forms from throughout world. He sings in fifteen languages and he speaks fluently in four of them. He is constantly seeking to discover new songs, melodies and stories from all around the world and, by including them in his repertoire, preserves them (often interpreting them in various novel ways). Gerard Edery performed at the gala concert at the 4th edition of the Zachor Jewish Cultural Festival in 2011.

    Gerard Edery (USA)


    Grupa Rafała Kmity (Rafał Kmita’s group)

    It was founded in 1993. Since then, it has performed theatrical works, such as : ‘Wszyscyśmy z jednego szynela’ (1997), ‘Ca-sting’ (rok 2002), ‘Aj waj! czyli historie z cynamonem’ (2005) and cabaret performances: ‘Głusi jak pies’ (1993), ‘Trzy zdania o umierani’ (1994) and many more.

    ‘Aj waj! czyli historie z cynamonem’ is a performance, based on Jewish cultural motifs, which equally blends features of theater and cabaret. Directed by two Krakow artists, Rafał Kmita (lyrics, script and direction) and Bolesław Rawski (compositions and interpretations), the performance is a set of episodes, where monologues and songs bring back to life the atmosphere of 19th-century Jewish districts and towns. No wonder, then, that it became a theater blockbuster in 2005.

    Grupa Rafała Kmity (Rafał Kmita’s group)



    As part of the fifth edition of the ‘Zachor – Colour and Sound’ Jewish Cultural Festival, the first edition of the International Conference will be organized on June 19th, 2012, under the banner of ‘Jews from Eastern Poland. Culture-tradition-literature’, which has been co-organized by Poland-Israel Citizen Education Center, the ‘East-West’ Department of Interdisciplinary and Comparative Research at the University of Białystok and Książnica Podlaska im. Łukasza Górnickiego.




    JÓZEF CHAZANOWICZ [1844–1915] 


    This year, both the conference and the festival will revolve around the figure of Józef Chazanowicz, who was once connected with Białystok. Józef Chazanowicz was born on October 22, 1844, in Grodno into the family of a pious Jewish merchant. (There are sources, however, which say that Chazanowicz was born in Goniądz.) Józef Chazanowicz was a recognized Polish physician, bibliophile and co-founder of the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

    In 1866, he took up medical studies in Königsberg. He earned a living by writing trade letters in Russian, commissioned by local merchants, and he received minor subsidies from the Königsberg Jewish community. In 1878, he moved to Białystok. In 1890, he embarked on a journey to Palestine and chose Midrasz Beith Abarbanel library in Jerusalem to be a seed for a prospective Jewish national library which he strove to set up and equip with his constantly growing private collection in Białystok. In1896, he sent about twenty thousand books from Białystok to Jerusalem, half of which were his private property that he had been collecting for twenty-eight years. This was how the Abarbanel Library was created, later to be incorporated into the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

    I Welcoming and opening of the conference

    9 am

    The official inauguration of the first edition of the ‘Jews from Eastern Poland. Culture-tradition-literature’ International Conference

    II The medal awarding ceremony


    To Mr. Ryszard LÖW


    9:30 AM

    1. Helena Datner [Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, ŻIH], Katrin Stoll [German Historical Institute], Szymon Datner – a historian of Białystok Jews

    2. Małgorzata Śliż [Ignatianum Kraków], Jewish students from Białystok at the Jagiellonian University [1867-1939]

    3. Ryszard Löw [Tel-Aviv, Israel], On Berek Neuman, a printer from Vienna

    4. Prof. Kazimierz Trzęsicki [WSAP Białystok], Neighbors who are no longer with us: Chaim Zelig Słonimski

    Coffee break: 10:50 – 11:10

    5. The Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich, The Jewish Approach to God

    6. Konstanty Gebert [Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw], Paradoxes of a Jewish existence in contemporary Polish imagination

    7. Prof. Jacek Leociak [IBL PAN Warszawa], Warsaw Ghetto – passageways or crossing borders that are impossible to cross

    8. Prof. Sławomir Buryła [UW-M Olsztyn], Holocaust topoi- an outline

    Discussion: 12:30 – 13:00

    IV. 13:10 – LUNCH: Centrum Astoria, 4 Sienkiewicza Street


    14:00 Książnica Podlaska im. Łukasza Górnickiego, Library, 1st floor, 16 Kilińskiego St.

    1. Dariusz Sikorski [AP Słupsk], A Jewish porter of a spirit – on Jews from eastern Poland

    2. Andrzej P. Kluczyński [ChAT Warszawa], A Christian Bible Reading Friendly to Jews

    3. Maciej Tramer [UŚ Katowice], Only (and not only) in Lvov

    4. Joanna Auron [WSAP Białystok], Jewish images as icons. Pictures that unnerve Jews and fascinate Poles.

    Discussion: 15:20 – 15:40 C

    offee Break: 15:40 – 16:00


    5. Prof. Bogdan Burdziej [UMK Toruń], Judaeus resartus. Revealing humanity in ‘Chałat’ by Wiktor Gomulicki

    6. Jan Miklas-Frankowski [UG Gdańsk], Szoah in Czesław Miłosz’s poetry

    7. Jacek Partyka [UwB Białystok], Reported Speech. Charlesa Rezni-koff’s (re)writing of the Holocaust

    8. Grażyna Dawidowicz [Białystok], The Holocaust in the life and oeuvre of Sara Nomberg-Przytyk

    Discussion: 17:20 – 17:40

    The end of the session: 17:50

    18:00 – DINNER: Centrum Astoria, ul. H. Sienkiewicza 4

    19:00 – GALA CONCERT

    The Fifth Jewish Cultural Festival called ‘Zachor – Color and Sound’

    The event enjoys the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Białystok, Prof. Tadeusz Truskolaski. “Gazeta Wyborcza” Białystok is a media sponsor to the event.

    * All lectures, except for Michael Schudrich's speech, will be delivered in Polish. The titles of the lectures have been translated into English for the purpose of this news article.



    Prisoners cleared and restored the Jewish cemetery in Jedwabne


    As part of the theatrical project called ‘Zrozumieć innych – poznać siebie’, prisoners from the Penal Institution in Białystok performed a theatrical play based on Tadeusz Słobodzianek’s play. Now, they have gone one step further and have cleaned up the Jewish cemetery in Jedwabne.





    The Jewish cemetery in Jedwabne is located near a barn which was torched down together with all Jews herded inside. The cemetery drew the prisoners’ interest after they had completed a project together with director Dariusz Szada-Borzyszkowski. Their efforts resulted in the performance entitled ‘Our Class – Episodes’, based on Tadeusz Słobodzianek’s play. The play, which deals with dramatic events that happened in Jedwabne in the Summer of 1941, was staged by the Dramatyczny Theater on April 26th. Now, intrigued by the story of Jedwabne, the prisoners arranged the Jewish necropolis. They joined forces with other inmates from the Penal Institution in Grądy Woniecko, who have been taking care of the cemetery for years. Together, they successfully removed bushes, weeds and rubbish. They were accompanied by a film crew who is making a documentary movie about this project.

    The project ‘Zrozumieć innych – poznać siebie’ (Eng. To understand others is to understand yourself) aims at the resocialization of prisoners through contact with diverse cultures and dramas which are artistically and socially valuable. This year’s edition was the second one which was coordinated by Dariusz Szada-Borzyszkowski. Apart from working on a theatrical play, the prisoners attended classes to learn more about other cultures.





     This year the fifth edition of the Jewish culture festival under the banner of ‘Zachor-kolor i dźwięk’ (Zachor – the color and the sound) will be organized from June 15th-19th in Białystok. The festival has been organized by the Poland-Israel Citizen Education Center, the Jewish Religious Community in Warsaw and Podlaska Opera and Philharmonic in co-operation with Israeli and US Embassies in Poland.

    The aim behind the event is to remind of and nurture Jewish culture in Białystok. The said Zachor means a memory of those who were attached to this town in the past, while the colour and the sound stand for exhibitions and concerts. This time, the organizers will shed light on Józef Chazanowicz, a physician and bibliophile, one of the originators of the National Library and the University Library in Israel. Józef Chazanowicz will be the theme of a multimedia presentation and of an entire lecture that will be staged at the festival.

    Dawid Krakauer, a world-famous clarinetist living in the USA, will highlight the musical part of the festival. Additionally, Acustic Acrobats from Krakow, Pushkin Klezmer Band from Kiev, Dolly's Circus from Israel and Grupa Rafała Kmity as well as Ostatnie Takie Trio will perform. During the festival, a scholarly conference called ‘Jews in Eastern Poland- culture and traditions’ , co-organized with the Białystok University Philology Department, will take place. Konstanty Gebert, Michael Shudrich and Helena Datner will be honorary guests at the conference. The exhibition ‘Our Israelis’, mounted by the Israeli Embassy in Poland, will display life stories of people who left Poland and settled in Israel. Kosher meals will be served. Children and young people will have a chance to take part in numerous attractive events, such as a Jewish dance show.

    Source: Kurier Poranny


    Note from Ambassador Feinstein about the Presidential Medal of Freedom

     Dear friends,

    The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw is so proud that President Obama has chosen to honor the legacy of Professor Jan Karski with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America's highest civilian award.


    In announcing the award yesterday at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the President said, “Let us also tell our children about the Righteous Among the Nations.  Among them was Jan Karski, a young Polish Catholic, who witnessed Jews being put on cattle cars, who saw the killings, and who told the truth, all the way to President Roosevelt himself.”


    Karski was born in pre-war Poland and became a member of the Polish Underground during World War II.  He reported abroad on the atrocities committed by the Nazis against Poland’s Jewish population.  Karski believed he needed to witness the atrocities personally to be able to report with as much authority and detail as possible.  To do so, he risked his life to enter the Warsaw Ghetto twice, and penetrated a Nazi killing field, later identified as the Izbica Lubelska transit camp.  His account of the brutality and cruelty of the mass killings he witnessed may be the most affecting report of Nazi atrocities I have read.


    Jan Karski was a Polish patriot who, in the best Polish tradition, stood up for the principles of human dignity and freedom, whatever the price and against the odds.  I hope as a result of the President’s decision, Karski’s legacy will be even more widely known.


    Karski was a citizen of Poland and the United States.  His moral example and the values he lived by and espoused exemplify the enduring bonds that have united our countries since America’s founding.


    Congratulations to Wanda Urbanska and Ewa Wierzynska of the Jan Karski U.S. Centennial Campaign, and to the many people in the United States and Poland who supported their efforts.


    We will keep you up to date on events related to this award, and the Karski Centennial.




    Lee Feinstein


    „Black birds of Białystok”

    fot. Mirek Szut


     fot. Mirek Szut

    fot. Mirek Szut

     fot. Mirek Szut


    fot. Mirek Szut

     fot. Mirek Szut 


















    TYKOCIN - jewish cemetery






      TYKOCIN, CMENTARZ ŻYDOWSKI,fot. 28.10.2011  

    TYKOCIN, CMENTARZ ŻYDOWSKI, fot. 28.10.2011 

    TYKOCIN, CMENTARZ ŻYDOWSKI, fot.28.10.2011



     Białystok - Israel. Exchange of young people 



















    Righteous Among the Nations








    JEDWABNE 2011 

    JEDWABNE 2011

    JEDWABNE 2011






    Jewish Culture Festival in Bialystok-June 12-14 -2011.


    The Center for community Education Poland - Israel and Jewish Community in Warsaw organized the fourth annual Festival of Jewish Culture - "Zachor - color and sound" - taking place in June 12-14, 2011 in Bialystok.


    The program follows:


    Sunday, June 12


    12.00 Noon -- Lectures at Galleria Sledzinskich, Legionowa Street 2 – Edyta Kurek from Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw- Ringelblum's Archives - secret archives of Warsaw Ghetto and Ewa Wroczynska, retired Director of the Synagogue Museum in Tykocin.


    3:00 PM - Theater NN from Lublin at Galeria Sledzinskich (formerly the Citron Synagogue), Warynskiego Street 24a -- a play "Magician from Lublin," adapted from the book by Izaak Bashevich-Singer directed by Tomasz Pietrasiewicz and acted by Witold Dabrowski


     5:00 PM - Performance at City Square by the Tower- presenting  the flavor of Israeli and Jewish folklore dance ensemble from Warsaw "Snunit" and Bialystok band "Frey Lech Trio"


    6:00 PM - Open air concert with Klezmer band "Opa" from Russia followed by Israeli rock singer Schachar Gilad





     Monday, June 13 


    11:00 AM - Fundacja Shalom - City Square by the Tower presenting "CWISZN," a Jewish quarterly about the literature and art. Also, presenting a book by Feliks Tych titled "Memory, History of Polish Jews Before, During and After the Holocaust" -- Free copies available.


    12:00 Noon - at "Akcent" bookstore ,Rynek Kosciuszki 17, presenting book by Bella Szwarcman-Czarnota titled "More Precious then Pearls"


    2:00 PM - History of present day Israel in the form of photographic exhibit at the Zamenhof Center, Warszawska Street 19


    6:00 PM - Esperanto cafe at Rynek Kosciuszki 10 -- a Yiddish film followed with a "Julius Adler" - lecture Wojciech Boklago de Bof


     8:00 PM - Esperanto Cafe at Rynek Kosciuszki 10 - Rajfer Sisters from Israel singing songs made famous by Barry Sisters - program MC is Henryk Rajfer, an actor from the Jewish Theater in Warsaw


     Tuesday June 14


    12:00 Noon - Musical workshop at Esperanto Cafe, Rynek Kosciuszki 10 with Gerard Edery from USA singing traditional Sephardi songs

    3:00 PM  - at Akademia Teatralna, Sienkiewicza street 14, Musical program - Szmonces (Jewish humor) and lyrics songs of the Jewish cabarets of the period between the First and the Second World Wars performed by third year students from faculty of Puppetry Art, a Bialystok division of the Warsaw Theatrical Academy under pedagogical supervision of Artur Dwulit, vocal preparation by Bozena Bojaryn-Przybyla and musical direction by Romuald



    6:00 PM - Gala Concert at Branicki Castle -- Songs by Gustav Mahler and Mieczyslaw Weinberg with Malgorzata Panko - mezzosoprano, Robert Marat- fortepiano and Gerard Edery - Sephardi music



      International Holocaust Remembrance Day-27  January 2011

    The International Holocaust Remembrance Day-27th of January 2011-first time commemorate in Bialystok, organized by: Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej Polska Izrael, Philology Department University of Bialystok, US Embassy in Warsaw.


    1.Opening of the exhibit - Dan Sainz-Political Couselor at US Embassy in Warsaw LIVING ON by Robert Heller from School of Journalism and Electronic Media of University of Tennessee brought to Poland by Victor Ash, the former ambassador of the United States in Poland

    2.Lecture by Daniel Sainz and debate

    3.Viewing of the film titled "Eight stories which did not change the world" by Ivo Krankowski and Jan Spiewak




    Międzynarodowy Dzień Pamięci o Ofiarach Holokaustu - Uniwersytet w Białymstoku

    Międzynarodowy Dzień Pamięci o Ofiarach Holokaustu - Uniwersytet w Białymstoku

    Międzynarodowy Dzień Pamięci o Ofiarach Holokaustu - Uniwersytet w Białymstoku

    Międzynarodowy Dzień Pamięci o Ofiarach Holokaustu - Uniwersytet w Białymstoku

    Wykład Daniela Sainza - Radcy do Spraw Politycznych Ambasady USA w Warszawie

    Wykład Daniela Sainza - Radcy do Spraw Politycznych Ambasady USA w Warszawie

    Międzynarodowy Dzień Pamięci o Ofiarach Holokaustu - Uniwersytet w Białymstoku 

































    ROBERT B.HELLER, associate professor of journalism and public relation, received a B.S. and an M.A. in photojournalism from Syracuse University. Professor Heller taught photography and graphics for five years at the University of Miami ,and publications designer and photographer at the State University of New York Colege at New paltz, and Elmira Colege in New York. His photographs have been selected for numerous juried exhibitions and he continues to do free-lancer work in both graphic design and photography.

    He is a recipient of National Teaching Award in Graphics for the Poynter Institute for Media Studies,and was a Poynter Fellow in newspaper design in the summer of 1986. He recived The University of Tennessee's faculty resarch grant in 1987 and 1991 for his Holocaust Survivors portrait project, in 1993 for his researchon digital imaging and the teaching of photojournalism in 1996 for a collaborative photojournalism project on the Internet, and 1999 for a documentary photo project on inner city redevelopment. In the fall of 2001,his book of photographs, More Than The game: The tennessee Football Experience, was published by Sport Publishing,Inc.

    Professor Heller has worked as a newspaper desing consulant at The Oak Ridger, The Daily Times, The Knoxville Journal, and Knoxville News Sentinel, and is a member of the National Press Photographers Association for Education in Jurnalism and Mass Communication, where he was head of the Visual Communication division.During 1996,Professor Heller worked as Photo Manager for the Olympic games Ocoee venue.He was selected as the College's Outstanding faculty Member 1990-91.

    Wystawa Living On Roberta Hellera  

    Wystawa Living On Roberta Hellera


    Wystawa Living On Roberta Hellera

    Wystawa Living On Roberta Hellera

    Wystawa Living On Roberta Hellera

    Wystawa Living On Roberta Hellera



     Today 30th of June at 9pm Polish time,will be report at chanel tv CNN about Jewish Culture Festival ZACHOR 2010 in Bialystok,the festival was organize by Center of Education Poland Israel in Bialystok.







    III Jewish Culture Festival

    “ZACHOR Colour and Sound” רוכז

    Bialystok 13th - 15th June 2010.


    Sunday 13th June 2010.

    12.00 Old City hall Museum (ratusz)


    Andrzej Lechowski : Jewish Market in Bialystok

    Tomasz Wisniewski : Jewish Cemetery in Bialystok. Atlantis Exploration.

    Marcin Bolldorf : Jewish Motives in Art

    16.30 Market near Townhole

    Marcin Bolldorf and kids - Jewish motives in art painting of fabulous Sztetl

    17.00 Outside concert near Old town hall

    The Young Folk Crew (dir. Lech Mazurek)

    Moniek Przepiorka and others - Jewish Cabaret (actors of the Jewish Theater in Warsaw)



    Photograms exhibition of Izaak Celniker paintings (Cafe Esperanto square)

    Landscapes of Israel; photo exhibition by Shai Ginott (Cafe Esperanto).

    Exhibition organised by Israel Embassy in Poland/

    Monday, 14th June2010.

    12.00 University of Bialystok ; Filological Department assembly hall

    (Plac Uniwersytecki 1)/

    Meeting with Chief Rabbi of Poland - Michael Shudrich.

    17.00 Forum Cinema

    Yiddish Films Festival

    Opening speach: Malgorzata Burzynska-Keller (artistic director of

    Yiddish Films Art festival)

    20.00 Esperanto Cafe

    Photograms exhibition of Izaak Celnikier paintings

    Radio audition of "Last of Commando copywriter"-Wieslaw Szymanski

    and Joanna Tomalska

    Documental film about Gedali Rozenmann

    Reifer Sisters Recital (Israel)

    Tuesday 15 th June 2010.

    15.00 VI LO im. Krola Zygmunta Augusta class 67 (Warszawska Street 8)

    "Unloved" spectacle based on Arnost Lustig prose, performed by VI th

    LO students (direction -Anna Janina Kloza).

    18.00 Podlaska Opera and Philharmonic Gala Concert (invitations)

    Ceremonial delivery of Yad Vashem Medals

    Rajfer Sisters (Israel). Opa Nowyj God (Russia - Petersburg)






    If you are in the Bialystok area, please join us at this great cultural





    Galeria Zdjęć
    Galeria Zdjęć
    Galeria Zdjęć
    Galeria Zdjęć
    Galeria Zdjęć
    Galeria Zdjęć
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